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My Book: The Bottom-Line Multiplier

Imagine this: You wake up energized, excited to lead your business, not chained to the endless hustle, grind and uncertainty. Profits are soaring, exceeding your wildest expectations. You've built a dream team, all invested in your long-term success.

This isn't a fantasy. It's your reality with The Bottom Line Multiplier.

The Bottom Multiplier - The Proven Path to Building a Highly Profitable Business

Look, if you KNEW you could grow your business 2 to 5 times what it is now by simply changing your approach...Would you still waste your time on "business as usual"?

Statistically speaking, yes you would.

I've been doing business growth strategy & marketing for 20+ years and I like to share with you how substantial revenue and profit growth for your company can be right around the corner.

  • Afra Sanjari is truly a great strategic mind in business. He doesn't sit in a corporate office tower. Every day, for hours on end, he's on the front lines of capitalism, helping companies large, medium, and small build, revise, restructure, makeover, and integrate totally new strategies designed to drive and revive their growth. He takes companies that are fundamentally tactical and turns them into sophisticated strategic business and marketing forces within their industries.

I find most small to mid-size businesses are fundamentally tactical when it comes to their marketing and growth in general. When they really need to be strategic.

Here's what I mean...

If you want to take a two-week trip to an exotic'll want to plan your trip out, right?

You'll want to get tickets for your flight, perhaps rent a car, hotel or airbnb, places you want to visit, things you want to do while there...

If you're being tactical about your trip then you're focused on a plane ticket only, or a hotel room only, or any of the specifc things that logistically achieve a piece of what you want.

But, to properly plan your trip, you need a STRATEGY.

A roadmap.

This strategy would contain everything you want to achieve on your trip, not just focus on a plane ticket. So, why aren't businesses doing the same for their business?

Because, they're not strategic marketers...

BUT, they're very good at what they do...good executives, leaders, sales-people, operators, innovators... delivering various services and products.

When it comes to their marketing though, the thing that generates leads, sales, customers, revenue...they're relying on a couple of people they've hired to do tactical stuff or even an agency that has a myriad of services (all tactical).

And then, they're wondering why they aren't achieving their sales and revenue goals.


A Strategic Roadmap to go from the "current" condition to the "target" condition.

(I call this the "No-Strategy Strategy". May seem like an oxymoron, but it's the secret to uber growth)

This strategy will have plenty of "as needed" tactics to achieve the desired target condition.

So, Strategy first, then tactics to fulfill the strategy.

Simple right?

But, it's amazing to see how many businesses are fundamentally tactical versus being a sophisticated strategic business with their marketing.

That's why I always start with a detailed assessment to determine exactly the company's current condition then develop the strategy to achieve 2X, 5X and even 10X in a rather short period of time for clients. It ensures achieving the desired results without being short-sighted and having a direct negative impact on the operation of the business.

Let me ask you...

What are you comfortable ending up with?

Because, there are many different ways to “skin a business strategic cat.” You’ve got to decide what the best method is for you and then you’ve got to follow it, using tactics only if and when they help you deploy or reach your ultimate strategic objective.

Changing your strategy will make huge differences in your results and outcome. I have seen a change in strategy, properly deployed...meaning properly implemented, sustained, managed, systematized and perpetuated...triple, quadruple, even improve ten times the results. It drives a whole new power and force throughout the enterprise. It animates the spirit of everyone involved, yourself included, and everything you do. So you’ve got to work on changing your strategy.

Strategic Business & Marketing Advisor